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About the site

The purpose of this website is to help persons improve their wine appreciation.

Vineyards at Beaumes-de-Venise
The articles include brief personal tasting notes on French wines, side trips to Italy, sage advice on wine collecting, on food and wine pairing, on vintages, plus a photo gallery.

This site is completely independent: there is no commercial arrangement with the wine business. A wine or vintner is recommended because of their sheer interest.


I received the below email:

From: German Montoya <german.montoya@[some provider]>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 15:23:43 +0200
To: m@guideduvin.com
Subject: Congratulations!

Hello Mr. Breton,

I have been wanting to email you for a long time. I simply wished to congratulate you.

I live in Paris and I love wine — within the limits of my budget. I found in your a unique simplicity which I regard highly in these times of flooding spam and unbound commerce. Furthermore, your emails only come on a quarterly basis and are surgically precise: clear, direct, modest, frank and always full of good recommendations.

I encourage you to continue your endeavour and — of course — I tell my friends to come and visit your site.


German Montoya


About the author

I am a white male in my fourties. I am French.

I do not work in the press industry. This site merely represents myself.

I got into a wine passion slowly — by realizing that there was always more to understand, and that it was a pleasure to get to know winemakers better.




About a thousand persons a day use the site more than 30 seconds (as many as the French-speaking version of the site). There currently are 2118 subscribers to .


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